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A Modern Application

In the ever evolving modern day contracting environment we see it imperative to conduct ourselves and our business on a virtue set closely aligned to that of the Bushido:

Rectitude, providing us with sustained equitability, fairness and justice;

Courage, to allow us to act rightly and perseverance to sustain in the face of difficulty;

Benevolence, to show sense of community, commitment and compassion to our fellow man;

Respect, to others and be respected by others;

Honesty, to uphold the highest level of moral character and integrity;

Honour, to have the humility to recognise the perception of ourselves through the eyes of others;

Loyalty, to sustain our devotion to our cause.

Knowledge, to be learnt through education, training and life experience, to be implemented as wisdom;

Filial Piety, to make sure we never forget our origins on our journey.


Existing within our environment and striving for self improvement on a daily quest truly makes us Ronin.


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